How to create New PIN for RSA SecurID Token in Syndicate NetBanking System.

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Creating New PIN for Online Transaction in Syndicate Bank is Very Simple. Please follow the given Instruction bellow.


First Login in to your online banking account that provided by your Syndicate Bank Branch.Please Click the "Customer Services" option at the top menu -> ‘Set SyndProtect PIN’ Menu as
mentioned in the above image. Now go to your e-mail account that you given to your bank account. Open the e-mail with Subject "SyndicateBank SyndProtect Desktop/Laptop Token" in that e-mail you can see one file attached in the same e-mail. Download and install that. Now you can able to create a Tocken Code from that RSA Tocken Generater .
User will be prompted to set a 4 digit numerical PIN.
PIN should be remember
 By the user (should not be shared with anyone).
1. PIN: should be 4 digits (0-9), set by the user and remembered by him/her. When changing the PIN, the new PIN should not be the same as the last three PINs.
           2. Token Code: The digits displayed in the token window (8 digits in case of software token and 6 digits in case of hardware token).
           3. Please Do not Enter the Token-code which is already used once.
Points to Remember*:
           1. If you have exceeded three unsuccessful attempts,please wait for 15 minutes and then retry.
           2. If you are unable to authenticate transaction even after repeated attempts,please contact Internet Banking Help Desk or send email to "[email protected]".
Please note that in case the RSA SecurID Desktop based Software Token is lost/stolen/corrupt, kindly
contact your Branch for necessary action or drop in an email to [email protected] or
contact our Internet Banking Helpdesk – 18004255784.