Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2017

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Here's our top 5 advice of 2017.

#1 Live video is gonna be big.

Live and real-time events, whether it's on Instagram, on YouTube, on Snapchat, on Facebook, go do live content.

#2 Unique Video.

Video has become huge over the last two years. And video monetization is also coming. For the media organization, influencers, and celebrities, this is gonna mean big stuff. Those online social media celebrities and influencers are gonna have a better way to monetize their own content. You'll have to get to them in a different way.

#3 Mobile Instant Games.

Facebook launched the instant game's format which is playable straight to the newsfeed. With the original flash games, now you can make small HTML5 mini-games and share them directly on social networks and newsfeed. That's very exciting.

#4 Multiple formats.

Social media channels like Instagram, which was previously photos, are now photos, videos, live videos etc. Facebook's status updates have gone to a wide range of statuses including 360, different VR experiences, 360 videos and even soon 360 live videos. So you have to engage in these multiple formats.

#5 Stories Format.

Snapchat has invented that stories format. But since then, Instagram and even Messenger have "borrowed" that format and created it on their own, which is gonna be much bigger at their scale. Brands should look at launching those stories out of multiple of these channels. Stories is a great way to engage an audience in a very quick way. They're 24-hour formats. You have to publish them more frequently. If you do it, focus on doing it in the right way. So those are the top tips of 2017.


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