Weir Bowen LLP

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Practice Areas :

Corporate And Commercial Litigation

Disability Claims

Estate Administration

Estate Litigation

Insurance Litigation

Medical Malpractice

Occupiers' Liability

Personal Injury And Fatality Claims

Products Liability

Professional Errors And Omissions

Real Estate And Mortgage Transactions

Real Estate Litigation

Represented Adults

Subrogated Claims

Contact : Weir Bowen LLP Phone : +17804242030 Fax : 7804242323 10320 102 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5J 4A1 Alberta, Canada

Weir Bowen LLP Lawyers : Maurice L Bowen, Elizabeth M MacInnis, Joseph V Miller, Daniel P Cavanagh, John C Bilsland, Joseph Feraco, Malcolm W Jones, Philip G Kirman, David N de Vere, Michele Wolowidnyk, Travis Lidstone, Nigel J Forster, Shelagh McGregor, Allison E Grimsey, Jillian Gamez, Michael W McVey, Alan R Gray, John WR Andreassen, Michael AA Shepherd, Iman Jomha, Ian A Miller.


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Opening Hours: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr 08:30-16:30
Telephone Number: +17804242030


10320 102 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 4A1
To:  10320 102 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 4A1


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