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Malar Serial
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Malar Serial
Malar (TV Series)
Malar Serial

Malar is a Tamil television series that airs on Colors Tamil from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. It premiered on 1st April 2019. Nayana Shetty and Arun Padmanabhan are the main protagonists of the series along with an ensemble supporting cast including Santhosh, Vaishnavi and Geetha.
Malar is a Tamil drama television series starring Nayana Shetty and Arun Padmanabhan. The story revolves around Malar, She is conflicting emotions person. The newly married couples Malar and Kadhir. Malar is a show that narrates the conflict of human emotions beautifully weaved into the everyday life of a couple. As they begin their life on a mysterious note. With Kadhir learning more about his wife every day, the show journeys through Malar’s attempts at protecting herself from being handcuffed by her husband.

Malar serial cast

  • Nayana Shetty as Malar
  • Arun Padmanabhan as Kadhir
  • Santhosh
  • Vaishnavi
  • Geetha
  • Tamil Arasu

This is a conflicting emotion housewife story, That airs on Colors Tamil. Famous Kannada actress Nayana Shetty was Selected to Portray the lead role of Malar. Vishnu Nayana Shetty made her tamil debut serial in television industry. Malayalam actor Arun Padmanabhan landed in lead role opposite Kadhir in the Show.
Director: Jai Amar Singh
Telecast by: Colors Tamil

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