Mappillai is an Tamil Romance soap opera television series, which premiered on 14th November 2016 on Vijay TV. Stars Senthil Kumar and Sreeja Chandran in lead roles.
A love story revolves around the ups and downs of marriage and the strong bond, a married couple shares. The female lead character Sreeja Chandran is a working woman, whose family is dependent on her salary. Senthil Kumar, the male lead, on the other hand, hails from an affluent family. Senthil works under his new female boss Chandra, who falls in love with each other. The story travels through their marriage. As the son-in-law Senthil Kumar, tackles the issues of his in-law’s family.
Senthil Kumar as Senthil
Sreeja Chandran as Jaya chandran
Manaas Chavali as Krishna
Anbazhgan as Anbu
Priya Prince as Priya
Rajashekar as Chandran (Jaya’s father)
Ramya as Ramya Chandran
Shamili as Shalu(Senthil’s sister)
Kamal as Kamal
Sabitha Anand as Senthil’s mother
Janani Ashok Kumar as Janani
Vaishali Thaniga
Teenu Niro (T.Niroshini) as Shakthi
Stalin as Tamizh
Devipriya as Devi
Written by : Ramanan Script Works
Screenplay by : Ramanan Script Works
Story by : Ramanan Script Works
Directed by : Francis Kathiravan
Theme music composer : Ilaiyavan
Producer : R.Atharsha & R.Bharathy Pirabhakaran
Telecast by : Vijay TV

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