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Creating New PIN for Online Transaction in Syndicate Bank is Very Simple. Please follow the given Instruction bellow.


First Login in to your online banking account that provided by your Syndicate Bank Branch.Please Click the "Customer Services" option at the top menu -> ‘Set SyndProtect PIN’ Menu as
mentioned in the above image. Now go to your e-mail account that you given to your bank account. Open the e-mail with Subject "SyndicateBank SyndProtect Desktop/Laptop Token" in that e-mail you can see one file attached in the same e-mail. Download and install that. Now you can able to create a Tocken Code from that RSA Tocken Generater .
User will be prompted to set a 4 digit numerical PIN.
PIN should be remember
 By the user (should not be shared with anyone).
1. PIN: should be 4 digits (0-9), set by the user and remembered by him/her. When changing the PIN, the new PIN should not be the same as the last three PINs.
           2. Token Code: The digits displayed in the token window (8 digits in case of software token and 6 digits in case of hardware token).
           3. Please Do not Enter the Token-code which is already used once.
Points to Remember*:
           1. If you have exceeded three unsuccessful attempts,please wait for 15 minutes and then retry.
           2. If you are unable to authenticate transaction even after repeated attempts,please contact Internet Banking Help Desk or send email to "[email protected]".
Please note that in case the RSA SecurID Desktop based Software Token is lost/stolen/corrupt, kindly
contact your Branch for necessary action or drop in an email to [email protected] or
contact our Internet Banking Helpdesk – 18004255784.


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Veteran India offspinner Harbhajan Singh is all set to start the most important innings of his life. The 35-year-old will marry long-time girlfriend and Bollywood actress Geeta Basra on October 29. The wedding ceremonies will be performed at Hotel Club Cabana in Phagwara - 20 kilometers from Harbhajan's hometown of Jalandhar. (Harbhajan Singh Gets Another Lifeline on International Stage)
According to a report in the Times of India, the wedding festivities, including the sangeet, mehendi and reception, will be spread over five days. While Geeta will wear a designer ghagra on her big day, Harbhajan has opted for a sherwani by designer Raghavendra Rathore. (WATCH: Harbhajan Singh's New Doosra, Fashion Designing)
"Geeta has opted for ghaghras for all the important occasions, including the sangeet (October 27), mehendi (October 28), wedding (October 29) and reception (November 1). Her ceremonial dresses have been designed by Archana Kochhar and Babita Malkani while her wedding dress will be a stunning heavy ghaghra in red and gold," according to a source. (Harbhajan Singh's Comeback, Thank God for the IPL)
Harbhajan's form has been patchy and his performances in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe did not impress many. He was ordinary in the Galle Test in August as well with just one wicket to his name. He was also not selected during India's seven-wicket defeat against South Africa in Dharamsala in the ongoing Mahatma Gandhi-Nelson Mandela T20 series.
Life off the field though has been quite steady for the Punjab bowler. Harbhajan has been in a closely-guarded relationship with UK-born Basra for several years. Rumour mills have revolved all sorts of reports around the glamorous couple. Basra in fact opened up about Harbhajan only earlier in the year when she admired him for his dedication to cricket.
"He is a very strong headed person and that shows on-screen (in matches)... He got success at an early age and still he is so grounded and humble. He loves his game. I want to learn that from him," she was quoted as saying by PTI in June.
Source: NDTV Sports
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FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — BMW CEO Harald Krueger collapsed Tuesday during a news conference at the Frankfurt auto show and was helped off stage by staff. His condition was not serious, the company said later.

Krueger stumbled backward and fell on his back during the first five minutes of the presentation of the German auto house's new lineup.

Staff rushed to help Krueger back on his feet, and he rubbed the back of his head, looking stunned as he was lifted up and led off stage by staff.

BMW spokesman Maximilian Schoeberl said that 49-year-old Krueger had been recently traveling a lot, and was not feeling well ahead of the presentation but decided to go ahead with it.

Schoeberl said Krueger, who took over as BMW's CEO earlier this year, was seen by a doctor following the incident, who recommended that he cancel his other appointments for the day and rest at home.

"His condition is not worrisome, they've ruled out anything serious," Schoeberl said.

A round table Krueger was to hold with journalists was instead conducted by the company's CFO.

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Google Page Level adsGoogle AdSense has introduced a new type of Ads format for publishers today. The new format called Page-Level Ads is still in beta and has made available for select AdSense Publishers only. The new Ads formats allow the publisher to add two new, different kinds of Ads unit primarily targeting the mobile visitors.

The new ads format will appear only when someone will visit the publisher’s website on a mobile device.

Google AdSense Support Page says,”Page-level ads are a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way for you to monetize your content. With Page-level ads, you place the same piece of ad code once on each page that you want to show the ads. Once you’ve added the code, AdSense will automatically show Page-level ads at optimal times when they’ll perform well for you and provide a good experience for your users.”

page level ads

The new ad formats are anchor/overlay ads and vignettes.

Anchor/overlay ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen Users can easily dismiss them at any time.

Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site. The ads are displayed on leaving a page, rather than on arrival and users can choose to skip them at any time.

Publishers can use these Ad Units along with the other 3 ads per page limit. These ads will be displayed on mobile-optimized sites only.

According to AdSense tutorial, you only have to place a single ad-code snippet in the <head> section of your website to make it work correctly on all of the pages of a site.

Google AdSense hasn’t given any figure, but they claim that the new ad units are optimized to help increase the revenue of the publishers.

Courtesy - Pc-Tablet

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Google has announced it is working with iconic US denim maker Levi Strauss to make apparel from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities. At the internet titan’s annual developers’ conference, it revealed a project in this regard, Project Jacquard, and named Levi Strauss as its first partner.

Named after a Frenchman who invented a type of loom, Project Jacquard is in the hands of a small Google team called advanced technology and projects (ATAP), which is different from the Google (x) lab, which develops big-vision innovations such as self-driving cars.

“We are enabling interactive textiles,” Emre Karagozler of ATAP said, as the smart fabric was revealed in an area set up to resemble cloth coming out of a loom. “We do it by weaving conductive threads into fabric.”

The special threads can be woven into a wide array of fabrics and be made to visually stand out or go unnoticed, depending on the design. Conductivity could be limited to desired parts of the fabric or spread across the entire cloth.

“It is stretchable; it is washable,” Karagozler said, as people controlled lights or computer screens with finger strokes on a blue cloth covering a table in the display area behind him. “It is just like normal fabric.”

Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms, according to Google. Anything involving fabric — from suits or dresses to furniture or carpet — could potentially have computer touch-pad style control capabilities woven into it.

Conductive yarn was connected to tiny circuits, no bigger than jacket buttons, with miniaturised electronics that could use algorithms to recognise touches or swipes, ATAP said. Data can be sent wirelessly to smartphones or other devices, enabling actions such as making phone calls or sending messages with brushes of fabric.

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Yuvraj is undoubtedly happy he made a half-century for Delhi Daredevils against Mumbai Indians on Tuesday, only his second this season. The Delhi Daredevils are undoubtedly happy too, considering they paid an astronomical Rs 16 crore for him at the IPL player’s auction earlier this year.
But for DD, scoring runs is just part of Yuvraj’s job. The Indian Premier League is a business first and a sport second. Unlike international sport, where athletes are ideally picked solely on the basis of their performances, sports franchises have other considerations, such as attractiveness to advertisers, ticket sales and merchandising.
Yuvraj Singh. SportzpicsYuvraj Singh. Sportzpics
Having a recognised star, even a fading one, can attract sponsors, sell tickets and t-shirts and also lift the profile of a franchise
Performance still matters most, of course, but it isn’t the only factor that goes into deciding how much to pay a player.
Delhi Daredevils had a rotten 2014. To call the team inept would be kind. They needed a makeover on the field and off the field. Often, the best way to do that is to make a splashy signing. In DD’s case, they needed to sign a big name India player. The problem was MS Dhoni is joined to Chennai Super Kings like a Siamese twin while Virat Kohli is living life King-size with the Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Yuvraj is the next most popular Indian player still playing professional cricket. His brush with cancer showed just how loved he is by Indian fans. And while he clearly isn’t as good as he was while winning the 2011 World Cup, where he was named Player of the Tournament, his presence still attracts attention and interest.
According an American Appraisal report on the IPL’s brand report, Delhi Daredevils has lowest value of all the franchises at $32 million. A year ago, they were valued at $40 million. The franchise had to do something
Of course, given the choice, Delhi would have preferred not to pay a record Rs 16 crore for Yuvraj. But they were pushed by Royal Challengers Bangalore in the auction. At that point they had to decide how invested they were in the idea of Yuvraj. The answer, it turned out, was very.
“Player selection is not just limited to skills and performance but also to the ability of a player to garner sponsorships, case in point being Delhi Daredevils’ acquisition of Yuvraj Singh for a record INR 160 million,” American Appraisal wrote in the same report.
Obviously, the best case scenario is for Yuvraj to score runs and for Delhi to win games. But even though Yuvraj hasn't set the IPL alight this season - his average is 22.55 - he he has already raised the franchise’s profile and generated interest in their games because his fans want to watch what he does. His fans, or some proportion of them, have effectively become DD fans this season.
In the final analysis then, the Yuvraj signing mustn’t be judged solely by the runs he is scoring but also by the attention he and the team is getting. As far as the bottom line is concerned, the latter could well make up for the lack of the former.
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NEW DELHI — A powerful earthquake shookNepal on Saturday near its capital, Katmandu, flattening sections of the city’s historic center and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks. Officials in Nepal put the preliminary death toll at 1,157, nearly all of them in the valley around Katmandu. But it was an event that touched a vast swath of the subcontinent.

The quake set off avalanches around Mount Everest, where several hikers were reported to have died. At least 34 deaths occurred in northern India. Buildings swayed in Tibet and Bangladesh. The earthquake, with an estimated magnitude of 7.8, struck shortly before noon, and residents of Katmandu ran into the streets and other open spaces as buildings fell, throwing up clouds of dust. Wide cracks opened on paved streets and in the walls of city buildings. Motorcycles tipped over on their sides and slid off the edge of a highway. By midafternoon the United States Geological Survey had counted 12 aftershocks, one of which measured at a magnitude of 6.6. Seismologists have expected a major earthquake in western Nepal, where there is pent-up pressure from the grinding between tectonic plates — the northern Eurasia plate and the upthrusting Indian plate. Still, witnesses described a chaotic rescue effort during the first hours after the quake, as emergency workers and volunteers grabbed tools and bulldozers from construction sites, and dug with hacksaws, mangled rebar, and their hands. Kanak Mani Dixit, a Nepalese political commentator, said he had been having lunch with his parents when the quake struck. The rolling was so intense and sustained that he had trouble getting to his feet, he said. He helped his father and an elderly neighbor to safety in the garden outside and then had to carry his elderly mother. “And I had time to do all that while the quake was still going on,” Mr. Dixit said. “It was like being on a boat in heavy seas.”

Though many have worried about the stability of the concrete high-rises that have been hastily erected in Katmandu, the most terrible damage on Saturday was to the oldest part of the city, which is studded with temples and palaces made of wood and unmortared brick. Nepal EarthquakeFor many, the most breathtaking loss was the nine-story Dharahara Tower, which was built in 1832 on the orders of the queen. The tower had recently reopened to the public, which could ascend a narrow spiral staircase to a viewing platform around 200 feet above the city. The walls were brick, around one and a half feet thick, and when the earthquake struck they came crashing down.

Continue reading the main story The police on Saturday said they had pulled around 60 bodies from the rubble of the tower. Kashish Das Shrestha, a photographer and writer, spent much of the day in the old city, but said he still had trouble grasping that the tower was gone. “I was here yesterday, I was here the day before yesterday and it was there,” he said. “Today it’s just gone. Last night, from my terrace, I was looking at the tower. And today I was at the tower — and there is no tower.” Advertisement Continue reading the main story Joydeb Chakravarty, managing director of the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in Nepal, said he had been grocery shopping when the quake struck. “And suddenly, everything started collapsing around us,” he said. “The shelves all came down, the food items all crashed down. We were barely able to get out the emergency exit.” For years, people have worried about an earthquake of this magnitude in western Nepal, which saw its last massively destructive event more than 100 years ago. Many feared that an immense death toll would result, in part because in recent years construction has been largely unregulated, said Ganesh K. Bhattari, a Nepalese expert on earthquakes now living in Denmark. He said the government had made some improvements in making some buildings more robust and reinforcing vulnerable ones, but that many larger buildings, such as hospitals and old-age homes, remained extremely vulnerable. “There is a little bit of improvement,” he said. “But it is really difficult for people to implement the rules and the regulations.” Saturday’s earthquake struck when schools were not in session, which may have reduced the death toll. And the building collapses in Katmandu appeared largely confined to brick structures in the city’s historic area, rather than concrete high-rise buildings. But there was not yet a full picture of the damage to villages on the mountain ridges around Katmandu, where families live in houses made of mud and thatch. As night fell, aftershocks were still hitting, prompting waves of screaming. Many residents sat in the road for much of the day, afraid to go back indoors, and many insisted that they would spend the night outside, despite the cold. Thousands camped out at the city’s parade ground. The city’s shops were running short of bottled water, stocks of dry food, and telephone charge cards. China and India, which jockey for influence in this region, have each pledged to step in with disaster assistance. The earthquake set off avalanches on Mount Everest, where several hundred trekkers were attempting an ascent, according to climbers there. Via Twitter, Alex Gavan, a hiker at base camp, described a “huge earthquake then huge avalanche,” and “running for life from my tent.” Nima Namgyal Sherpa, a tour guide at base camp, described one avalanche as “huge” and said it had caused many injuries. “Many camps have been destroyed by the shake and wind from the avalanche,” Mr. Sherpa, the base camp manager for Asian Trekking, wrote in a post on Facebook. “All the doctors here are doing our best to treat and save lives.” Ten people died on Mount Everest after the earthquake, Nepalese officials said. Tremors from the quake were felt across northern India, rattling bookcases and light fixtures as far away as Delhi.

Electricity was switched off for safety reasons in the Indian state of Bihar, where three deaths were reported in one district, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, India’s minister of skill development, told reporters in New Delhi. Two other deaths were reported in a second district. Historically, the region has been the site of the largest earthquakes in the Himalayas. A 2005 quake in Kashmir and a 1905 earthquake in Kangra, India, resulted in a death toll of more than 100,000 people, according to the United States Geological Survey. Reporting was contributed by Gardiner Harris, Nida Najar and Hari Kumar from New Delhi; Bhadra Sharma from Katmandu, Nepal; and Chris Buckley from Hong Kong.

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